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HGLGA Ladies,


Thank you all for taking the time to vote on this issue. Here are the results of the membership vote regarding implementing a qualification to play the 6 Tees for League play and sponsored tournaments. 


 We needed 67% of the paid membership of 100 members to vote and we had a great response with 81% of the membership voting. Of the 81 paid members that voted, 63 voted yes to implement the qualification, 16 voted no, 2 were neutral, and 19 did not vote. 


So the qualification to play the 6 tees has passed and will be implemented for League related play. The qualification is as follows:


Age plus handicap index must equal 100.  If you qualify for the 6 tees at the start of the season, you can continue on the 6 tees for the remainder of the season, even if your handicap drops below 100. If you do not qualify at the start of the season, but qualify during the season, you can switch to the 6 tees at that time.  As in the past, if you have a medical condition, you can contact the Pro Shop for a temporary adjustment to your tee or handicap.  


Please see the Pro Shop before you play your next league game to let them know the tees from which you will be playing.


Thanks again for participating in this vote. 



November 2022

Cheryl Braunscheidel, President and Karen  Sullivan, Vice President
2022/23  HGLGA






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